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Hi, we are Bloom Power!

We were born to contribute to the formation of a world where it is legitimate to be unique, connected to the whole.

We create, produce and sell products that are based on the principle of promoting well-being.

We are a company whose premise is to defend the expansion of knowledge and values ​​that have as a principle respect for differences.

Observe nature, observe the leaves, the flowers, everything is unique and singular and beautiful.

This is the world we believe in.

We are passionate about entrepreneurship, especially given the fact that learning is constant, daily and diverse.

In 2019 we chose to follow this path, since then many transformations have occurred, among them, one that makes us extremely happy - the production of exclusive Bloom Power brand products.

Everything we do is produced with great care and meaning.

Without leaving lightness and fun aside.

And our greatest wish is that all the good energies that permeate this process reach you.

Made with love - São Paulo - Brazil

Naiara costa - founder and ceo

Entrepreneur, graduated in Pedagogy and Postgraduate in Gender and Diversity.

guilherme ramos - co-founder and coo

Entrepreneur, graduated in Administration with a specialization in Innovation.