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Set 4 Rosemary Glasses

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The Rosemay Glasses is one of the products that is part of our “Chamomile & Rosemary” capsule collection, it was designed and created, like the other products, with a lot of love and care by us. These products are the materialization of happiness and fulfillment, as they are part of a watershed in our trajectory, they are the first products, of many to come, from the Bloom Power brand.
The creation of the collection with Chamomile and Rosemary as inspiration did not happen randomly, in addition to the beauty exuded by both plants, they are healing, they are very powerful plants and are available in nature to help us treat our body and skin. our home.
Imagine the rosemary leaves constantly capturing energies that should not last in an environment, feel all the benefits that energetic fluidity and lightness can promote in your life, fall in love with this sensation and create strong bonds with this state of being.
May all this joy that we produce in the Rosemary Glass reach you. May it be present in your life in moments of great relaxation, and of course, of hydration!


The production of the Rosemary Glass is made from 100% recycled glass, and the printing process is done by hand.
This Set contains 4 Rosemary Glasses
Material: Glass
Size: 13 cm high x 6.5 cm wide
Capacity: 310ml


For this plate-shaped beauty to last a long time, it must not be exposed to corrosive materials. Therefore, do not use in a dishwasher or in a microwave.