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Calm Mug - Bazaar

R$ 31,12

Important: These images are for illustrative purposes only, to find out more details about the failures of bazaar products, contact us via INBOX on Instagram.

Calm down, wear clothes that make you feel good, eat something that makes you happy, watch something that makes you laugh, let the sun in.

Calm down, place your feet on the grass, let the salty sea water wash and heal, slowly enjoy the flower, the bird, the smile that comes your way.

Calm down, take a hot bath, dance in your step, make some chamomile tea.


The production of the Calma Mug is made from 100% recycled glass, and the printing process is done by hand.

Material: Glass
Size: 9 cm high x 8 cm wide
Capacity: 300 ml

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Attention: Bazaar Product — Almost Perfect

This product may contain scratches, variations in color tone, artistic flaws and anatomical variations, however these variations do not interfere with the usability of the product.

Bazar — Almost Perfect products are not applicable to exchange and return policies, that is, they cannot be exchanged or returned.