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Our Return

Nine years ago, the story of Nosso Xodós began. I remember perfectly the day we (Na, daughter, Cris, mother) decided to create the blog, in the kitchen of the matriarch, D. Elena.
On July 11, 2011, we published the first and uncertain post.
But, to understand how and why he was born, it is necessary to go back in time a little further. Approximately eight months before we created the blog, we and our loved ones suffered a very serious traffic accident. It was an extremely painful process, which left a profound impression on us.
Among much of what we could record here, we want to pay attention to a section of the process experienced, which concerns the fact that, at this time, as a result of what happened, a total distance from what was until then was suddenly installed in our lives. our lives, the routine has completely changed. Leave the house? Only when extremely necessary. But, we know that this is not just our story, it is that of many, and it does not even end there.
Let's continue!
After spending months involved in the experiences highlighted above, the mind needed distraction, inspiration, it needed to DREAM!
It was then that, the obstacle and the need to connect with what was good in the outside world, made us create the blog. We learned a lot from him, mainly, we learned about ourselves, about our tastes.
Having made this journey through time, let us now return to current times, months before the pandemic took hold due to COVID-19, we had already decided to return with the blog, this place, of affection, affection, friendship, dreams.
In this difficult moment of isolation that we spend separately-together, we hope that once again we can share good ideas, good inspirations and good feelings, more than that, that we can convey the hope that difficult moments exist for transformations to occur.
Stay at home if you can. ❤︎
Stay with us, let's love the company. ❤︎
Guilherme Ramos


Me emocionei com a história de superação. É muito bom encontrar pessoas que se reinventam, assim tenho certeza que o mundo será melhor. Parabéns pelo tratamento que dão aos clientes. Quando adquiro algo não é só uma compra, junto com o produto vem um pouco de amor. É impressionante o cuidado e o capricho de vocês. Obrigada.

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