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Ecobag Tour: Japanese Pavilion

Dusting off the Blog with some really cool news, with Bloom Power moving to São Paulo, Guilherme and I, Naiara, are taking the opportunity to revisit and discover new places in this incredible city, always accompanied, of course, by our beautiful ecobag “ awaken your bloom”, which supports us to carry our little things and store purchases made along the way without having to use plastic bags. So, the other day, at the office, while we were tasting delicious fruits, under the light of the disco ball, chatting goes on, chatting comes, the idea came up of sharing some of these tours with our beloved clients and followers, we validated the idea, and yes, Then came the “Ecobag Roll”.
To inaugurate the painting, we chose to share with you a recent discovery of a very special place. Ibirapuera Park, which is located in Vila Mariana, South Zone of São Paulo, and is a place that we love to visit and revisit, but calm down, the star of the day does not refer to it, I mean, it is more specifically a little piece of it . Anyone who knows knows, Ibirapuera is a place where many people come, who take advantage of its 1,584,000 m² area to practice different sports, visit museums, hold celebrations, there is a multitude of activities happening at the same time... it is. a place that pulses with life. But there is a space synonymous with tranquility, yes, we arrived at the star of the day, the Japanese Pavilion.
Once past the entrance, five steps in, the feeling of calm is almost immediate. In the external area there are tables and chairs that are a true invitation to contemplate nature, and to taste delicacies from the recently opened café and shop in the pavilion store, which has items with reference to Japanese culture. In the internal area, you can appreciate the exhibitions of original articles that represent the cultural origin and ancient strength of Japan, with sculptures, warrior masks, costumes, utensils for daily use, drawings and representations that date back to centuries prior to colonization. Brazilian architecture, as well as architectural halls with typical Japanese characteristics and the carp lake.
The Japanese Pavilion was opened in 1954, built in partnership with the Japanese government, and most interestingly, with materials coming directly from Japan. It is important to highlight that the pavilion space recently underwent improvements to adapt to accessibility standards.
We loved getting to know this quiet, cozy and inspiring corner of São Paulo, and we hope you enjoyed it.
We leave here the location and other information for you to schedule your visit.
Location: Ibirapuera Park – gate 10 (near the Planetarium and the Afro Brasil Museum – map at the end of this page) Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/nº – São Paulo – SP
About 5 kilometers from Santa Cruz Metro)
Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm
Adult contribution: R$ 15.00
Student with ID card: R$ 7.00
Elderly people over 60 years old: R$ 7.00 (Law 10,741/2003 – Statute of the Elderly)
Children aged 5 to 12: R$7.00
Children up to 4 years old: exempt
Free entry on Thursdays
Guilherme Ramos

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