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Ecobag Tour - Mandirituba, PR - The national capital of Chamomile

Hey guys! All good?

How are the cute girls that pass by here?

You blinked and we're back with another Ecobag Tour, and this time, in celebration of the beginning of spring, we're going to share with you one of the most magical, incredible and special places we've ever visited in our lives - Mandirituba, the national capital of Chamomile.

Yes! We visited chamomile fields and fulfilled one of our dreams and of course, Ecobag could never be left out of that moment. For those who are arriving here now, it is worth saying that Chamomile, as well as Rosemary, were the base elements of our first authorial collection at Bloom Power, we created the collection inspired by the power of these two forces of nature. The collection was and still is a huge success in our store, and you can imagine how much it means to us, being in a mega chamomile plantation, in direct contact with its energy of love, feeling its perfume up close.


  • The best way to visit the chamomile fields is by car and with an exploring spirit;
  • Be careful with private properties, despite the fields being on the roadside, private spaces must be respected;
  • The Chamomile harvest takes place in September, so the best months to visit are the months of July, and especially August;
  • Set aside a day to visit the fields calmly, also take water and some snacks to ensure that the visit goes smoothly, we did not find establishments such as restaurants and snack bars open there on the day we took the tour;
  • Our tip is to stay in Curitiba and take a car to Mandirituba, but be careful, there is a toll on the way and it costs R$6.90.

Road map

Mandirituba was founded in 1960, it is a small city located 46 km from Curitiba, and you can access the city via BR-116. Mandirituba means “place where there are many bees”, and from what we saw, there are also many fields of different plantations, including the famous chamomiles that grow freely in the sun and wind.

Our tour had a single objective, to find the chamomile fields that spread throughout the city. We started on Estrada Municipal Otavio De Jesus Biscaia and traveled approximately 77 km passing through the villages and citadels of São Pedro, Quintandinha, Areia Branca and Returning to Mandirituba.

We made the entire journey in a conventional car that we rented at Curitiba airport, all the roads were in excellent condition, even on dirt soil.

Route > View

We visited a total of 10 chamomile fields, and the first one we visited, Vila dos Queimados, was in our opinion the most incredible, according to research we carried out before going, it is in fact the biggest and best. preserved field for visitation.

The Vila dos Queimados field is less than 3km from the city center towards the West, the view is stunning.

The chamomiles dance with the movement of the wind and it is simply impossible not to feel happy, while we were there we didn't stop smiling for a minute, the energy they transmit is surreal, not to mention the perfume and feeling of calm they emanate.

The feeling of sitting next to them and watching them up close is indescribable, so much, so much beauty, they are a gift, a spectacle of nature. And to complete the perfect day package, we were lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunny day, and to top it off we made a friend there who was the cutest thing in the world.

And in conclusion what we can say is:

Thank you for everything Mandirituba!!!

Make your dreams come true!

Connect with the strength and love of flowers!

To the next!

Kisses, Na and Gui!

Guilherme Ramos

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